Going Green, the environment, where does my food come from, what can we do for a cleaner environment, what steps to take for a healthier living, how can we improve the quality of our neighborhood and many more similar questions ponder through our heads today. An additional question is especially important: “How do I teach or make my children to eat healthy?”.

Parents today have many concerns and know that schools by themselves are often not equipped, either by lack of knowledge or interest, but often also by lack of resources and financial means.

That parents have these concerns is a good thing, another thing is to really address these concerns and do something about them.

ZelenaSofia comes to your aid. We are already addressing schools about what we can do together, however with the driving force of parents we are able to get our feet across thresholds much faster.

Here is our green approach:

Intro meeting
1. We will have an introductory meeting with the schools leading authority. Here we address common and less known issues and ways to resolve them with completely proven concepts. Concepts and hands-on methods that not just enthuse kids and youth, but directly impact their society as a whole. With this we mean their grades at school will improve, their attendance level will rise (they also will become less sick), their cool “Hip-Hop Gangster” attitude changes to the even more cool being a “Green Ganster” attitude. We address their hunger for junk food into a change that they no longer need pocket-money to by lunch, but even themselves will take real food home. All of these also have major impacts how kids relate to you as parents at home.

Creating support
2. Together with the school we organize a parent and teachers information evening or afternoon. We even encourage people from the local area around the school to attend. Our message is simple that together we are responsible for change to happen.

What do you fancy your kid to eat? A Burger? Or……………..Fresh Green Lettuce?
Kid eating burger Boy eats lettuce

Since all good things come in pairs of 3…

3. You start!. We start! The school starts!

So please do start now! Fill out the form below, by yourself or together with other parents and contact us. After you contacted us we will contact your school. Furthermore we would appreciate to “like” us on Facebook to “Send a “Tweet” about us on Twitter and when possible you already speak to parents that you contacted us to contact your kids school.