Zelena Sofia is all about turning Bulgaria and your life into a greener and thus healthier place to live and work in. We know that we can’t change things overnight, but with your help we can start making a difference today! 

So you want to grow a significant portion of your family’s vegetables, fruits, nuts or even small life-stock at your home or block your school or company or even within you penitentiary institution and add beauty and value to your surroundings at the same time? Let Zelena Sofia come in and help you change your yard into an abundant edible landscape and living classroom for you and your friends and family to learn permaculture techniques and bio-intensive organic gardening 

Our permaculture designers and edible landscapers have experience maximizing food production in urban spaces not only in Bulgaria but many other places in the world. During a consultation, Zelena Sofia will help you assess what elements will be most functional for your space and needs.

By hiring Zelena Sofia to create a permaculture garden for you and your family, you are supporting this organization and this movement for local organic food, and helping Zelena Sofia provide green jobs for local youth and unemployed that train them for a future in permaculture design and urban farming.

First, we’ll create a customized permaculture design that maximizes beauty, food production, and efficient use of your space.

We’ll then come in with our team and install the garden. We’ll help you throughout the first year and if needed even longer so you can learn as much as possible throughout the process.

Zelena Sofia specializes in maximizing your yard’s productive capacity. To that end, we are experienced with the design and installation of the following garden elements – each supporting multiple functions towards the greater health of your garden.

During a consultation, Zelena Sofia will help you assess what elements will be most functional for your space and needs.


high raised bedRaised beds ensure rich soil for productive plant communities.  Beds can be constructed directly on top of concrete, lawns or just about any surface and shaped to fit tight corners. Because your veggies will be grown in organic compost, the quality of the soil (or lack of it) beneath the beds will not harm your plants.  In an effort to conserve resources, we build custom raised beds from pallet wood. Raised vegetable bed

By companion planting and using other organic gardening strategies you can minimize the need to supplement your soil with fertilizers. Beds may be installed with or without a supporting irrigation system, but will need regular watering. As you visit your vegetables, you’ll enjoy their daily growth.


Fruit trees are a crucial element in any urban garden. You might think you don’t have space, but we think you do! You can grow apples, pears, plums, apricots, peaches, cherries and other delicious fruits right in your own yard or neighborhood! cherrie tree


We plant fruit trees with appropriate companion perennials that will maximize your yield by fixing nitrogen and mining important minerals.  If you plant fruit trees on your property, future generations will be awfully grateful.


Grow your own culinary herbs!  A herb spiral is a space efficient, Herb spiralbeautiful and productive method of growing culinary herbs.  Herb spirals work great in the backyard near the kitchen door, so you can walk outside, harvest what you need for a recipe and walk right back in.

The spiral’s design conserves water and takes advantage of vertical space in your garden.  Herbs are low maintenance and extremely useful! This is one of our most common suggestions for backyard food gardeners.


Millions of kilos of reusable food scraps are transported each year to landfills.  Installing a compost system is a great way to halt the massive inefficiencies of the waste industry and create incredibly rich, nutritious soil for your garden.  compost

No longer will you stare disparagingly at at a pile of vegetable scraps, when you know that in several months you will be able to harvest your own soil.

Adding compost to your garden is an excellent way to encourage growth without buying expensive fertilizers.  You will be surprised how much “waste” you can transform into rich, beautiful soil!


Hens are easy to care for and amazingly productive. Healthy hens will each give you one egg a day for 3-4 years.

pallet chicken coop  We build our chicken coops out of pallet wood so they’ll last for many years and with extremely strong chicken wire so your hens will be safe from predators at night.


Potato towers are an time and space saving way to grow your own delicious potatoes.  Rather than digging in the ground looking for the elusive tubers, a raised tower enables you to harvest above potato towerground when your potato plants start to die back.  Just release the support system and the potatoes will fall to the ground for easy collection.  Growing potatoes vertically is also great solution for lead contaminated soil.  After using a potato tower, you probably won’t want go back.

bottle tower vegetable fenceVEGETABLE BOTTLE GARDEN

Reusing plastic (PET) Bottles for growing vegetables is a great way to use those spaces in your garden that otherwise would remain without veggies.

Veggie-bottles are also great for in-house growing of vegetables with little or no effort from your side.

Whenever you are ready for transforming your yard? If yes go on and fill out the form below so we can get in touch for a free consultation.