LogoOur green mission is to provide a web portal with the latest ideas and initiatives available world wide that make our environment a greener place to live in. Our green mission is to make people all around the world enthusiastic to start similar or other projects.

We believe that everything and everyone on this planet is connected, we all breath the same air, drink the same water eat from the same soil. Where we know that know that not all people have access to clean air, water and soil.

Many people and organisations share the same ideal to have a green healthy mother Earth. The Earth is the of the people, no matter if they are rich or poor.

We strive to connect people, communities, businesses, NGO’s and governments with idea’s and projects because only like this we can make a change and have real impact by all working together.

Join us in our mission. Your first step can be a like on Facebook, a Tweet on Twitter, contacting us with an idea, send us something we missed, start a project or join a project or whatever your green mind can come up with.

This web portal is divided in 2 main sections. Via the top navigation we present our mission and projects we are already engaged in or projects we have in a starting face. We chose for projects that have usually minimal cost to start, have the ability to create jobs and income and of course projects that have a green impact.

The lower navigation bars shows growing lists of green in practice to give you ideas. We want to make you enthusiastic, to show that you are not alone by what you want to do. Our motto is just start!

Lets go GREEN together so our kids and their kids will inherit from us an Earth they can enjoy to live in.